Masterclass 1: Self-Acceptance

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Does your daughter show ANY signs of low self-esteem?

The fact of the matter is, MOST teenage girls have an unfortunately low level of self-esteem, and what’s more disturbing is the fact that left unaddressed low self-esteem can lead to irreversible outcomes, some even deadly.

This masterclass will equip you with an actual survey that helps your daughter to measure her own self-esteem, provides an in-depth definition of exactly what self-esteem is, comparing the various factors of low self-esteem to those of high self-esteem. What’s very unique about THIS product, is the fact that we provide you with an easy and fun activity to teach your daughter how to elevate her OWN self-esteem, and it WORKS!

Why You Should Join Our Masterclass


Builds and strengthens relationships between parents and daughters


Teach your daughter life skills that will help her to be a successful woman


Giving you the skills you need to navigate challenging moments