Better parenting has never been so easy

Our exclusive Life Skills Just for Girls Online Masterclass will equip you with the tools that you need to help your daughter succeed!

Join Our Online Masterclass

You will have access to our exclusive content that walks you through teaching your daughter essential skills to help her WIN at life, including the following:
– The unique skill of increasing her own self-acceptance and self-esteem
– Expression: How to express yourself & your emotions through Creative Writing
– The 7 Elements of Resilience
– Her Personal Roadmap and Life Plan for Success
– Smart Money Management
– Job Readiness and Employment Soft Skills
– How to Dress For the Occasion
– The Consequences of Risky Behaviors: Sex & Drugs
– Communication Skills: How To Relate To Others & How To Express Yourself and Your Feelings
– Defining and Building Healthy Relationships and How To Identify & Avoid Unhealthy Relationships
– Social Media Safety and Etiquette
– Dining Etiquette
  • Video tutorials & lessons
  • Private community
  • Wristband: As an awesome token of our appreciation, you get an official Ruth’s Way Wristband!

Why You Should Join Our Masterclass


Builds and strengthens relationships between parents and daughters


Teach your daughter life skills that will help her to be a successful woman


Giving you the skills you need to navigate challenging moments

Masterclass 1: Self-Acceptance

Does your daughter show ANY signs of low self-esteem?

We provide you with easy and fun activities to teach your daughter how to elevate her OWN self-esteem

Masterclass 2: Creative Writing

We will walk both of you through the 7 elements of resilience so that your daughter will be equipped to take on any obstacle that comes her way

Masterclass 3: Personal Road-map

What does your daughter want to be when she grows up?

We help you and your daughter find the RIGHT path for her future.

Masterclass 4: Smart Money Management

Does your daughter know how to balance a checkbook?

Learn the right way to think about and handle money to have a financially secure future.

Masterclass 5: Get In Gear

How many times has the school called you regarding your daughter’s “inappropriate attire”?

We’ll teach your young lady how to dress like a young lady

Masterclass 6: Today’s Choice, Tomorrow’s Consequence

Choices, choices, choices.

With so many choices for a young woman to take, she needs the tools to know how to evaluate choices that can save her life!

Masterclass 7: How To Relate To Others

Does your daughter know how to navigate her feelings and emotions?

She will learn how to express her thoughts and feelings in a healthy and productive way.

Masterclass 8: Defining and Building Relationships

Is your daughter in an abusive relationship?

Abusive relationships come in many forms. Learn the key signs to know if she is in one.

Masterclass 9: Bon Appetit

We are what we eat. Did you know that diet can impact thoughts, emotions and behaviors?

Learn what (and how) to eat to have a healthy body and brain.