Masterclass 5: Get In Gear

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How many times has the school called you regarding your daughter’s “inappropriate attire”?

Wouldn’t you LOVE it if she actually showed up to that family reunion without her “personal business” on display?  This masterclass will walk you through teaching your daughter why making the right clothing choice is so important in her quest in becoming a VIRTUOUS WOMAN, not only for an interview, but for every venue in her life!

We will explore why dressing specifically for various occasions is important, how to present yourself, the 7 keys on how to become a Classy Woman, and fashion do’s & don’ts. Finally, we will talk about how feeling good on the inside reflects how you look on the outside.

Your daughter will be prepared for EVERY occasion, and more importantly, she will understand WHY it’s important instead of simply thinking that you are trying to come down on her or stagnate her swag.

Why You Should Join Our Masterclass


Builds and strengthens relationships between parents and daughters


Teach your daughter life skills that will help her to be a successful woman


Giving you the skills you need to navigate challenging moments