Masterclass 9: Bon Appetit

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The bottom line is that YOUR DAUGHTER IS GOING TO ACHIEVE HER MOST SUCCESSFUL FUTURE POSSIBLE, and within that success, she will be surrounded by some very esteemed persons and find herself in some very esteemed environments.

She needs to know what proper dining etiquette looks like. In this masterclass we will explore healthy nutrition, because we want your daughter to be healthy mentally, spiritually, and physically, just like you do! We will also talk about proper dining etiquette and table set-up. We have to prepare our children for the elements that the world will have them encounter, and a Virtuous, Classy Young Lady knows proper dining etiquette!

Why You Should Join Our Masterclass


Builds and strengthens relationships between parents and daughters


Teach your daughter life skills that will help her to be a successful woman


Giving you the skills you need to navigate challenging moments