Achievement Consultation Program Manager

Tekia Warren

Born on December 5, 1982, in Garfield Heights, Pittsburgh, PA Tekia R. Warren’s journey began where poverty set the tone for the environment. During her childhood as she can remember drugs reigned Garfield Heights leaving families completely dismantled her family to be included. These memories include: a drug-addicted absent father, a drug-addicted unstable mother, verbally abusive communication, physical altercations amongst family, and a deteriorating community.  Lack of resources and services Tekia had to seek avenues outside of the Garfield community to broaden her horizon.

Desperate for generational change Tekia went on a journey of improvement by attending trade school following a pregnancy with her first child. She received a specialized degree in Criminal Justice in which she pursued her first career opportunity working with adjudicated adolescent females. Furthering her education Tekia moved on to earn a Bachelorette of Science in Criminal Justice from Point Park University. With so many friends and family members being incarcerated she knew that her understanding of system challenges and barriers to justice would bring mind-blowing opportunities. Tekia’s concentration had become mental health and healing. She found an opportunity in Allegheny County as a legal advocate for individuals facing legal challenges.

Today Tekia has earned a Master’s in Leadership that helps her use her experience and expertise which amplifies the strengthened woman on her continued journey to embrace life’s ever-changing obstacles through growth and open-mindedness. Tekia’s appreciation for being a woman has inspired her to share with the world what motivates strong independent women.

Tekia’s personal journey coupled with her experience working in the Criminal Justice System brought her here to Ruth’s Way.  Her personal journey and testimony strengthened her as a woman, but more importantly, it gave her the ability to show girls what resiliency looks like up close and personal as an overcomer and a successful virtuous woman.

Her experience working in the Criminal Justice System gave her a clearer revelation of the inequities that exist amongst female youth and helped her to realize how detrimental it is that she becomes an intricate tool in helping girls to break these consistent cycles that have oppressed them and systems that have failed them.

Tekia crossed paths with Isis L. Chatman owner of Ruth’s Way Inc. Achievement Consultation Agency for Adolescent Females with an undeniable mission. Tekia’s aligned with Isis as Ruth’s Way’s Program Manager to encourage and uplift our young girls to become virtuous women!



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