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We value your success as our own

Our products are Professional Consulting Services provided to persons, i.e. parents, guardians, etc., raising girls and young ladies, with an intentional focus on helping their daughters to be successful now and more importantly in their futures as women. Key areas for referrals of customers are those parents currently experiencing issues with their daughters, particularly those issues which threaten their abilities to achieve successful futures. Our professional Achievement Consultants provide parents with their professional expertise and advise on teaching parents the process of teaching their daughters, when most organizations simply offer advice. This historically ineffective process of simply offering advice has left our families in a vicious cycle of dependence of organizations and does not truly solve the problem but offers them a temporary solution. Ruth’s Way’s Consulting Services, on the other hand, teaches parents the process of teaching their own daughters, specific practices and life lessons which teach them independence and methods of addressing their own success. All our services are provided from an empowerment and strengths-based perspective. In addition, we walk parents through the process of how to successfully teach their own daughters our own Life Skills Just for Girls Forum curriculum, which we have utilized in our Forums for over 15 years, has been noted as a successful evidence-based methodology, and utilizes our very own unique conversation-style facilitation.

The need for our services is an increasing industry, which we have observed within our own provision of services. For over 16 years, we have successfully provided our services to young ladies ages 10-17. Within these provisions of services, what we have observed is that our children are most successful when we teach their parents how to teach their own children, vs. simply giving their children directives to follow, because at the end of the day when the organization walks away the team that is left for the child is their parent/s. Therefore, our children can only achieve true success if we teach the people who are raising them how to be successful and how to successfully teach their own children.

How we help parents

Life Skills Online Masterclass

We provide a space where parents can connect to vent and get problems solved

Achievement Consultants

One on one coaching to help you break through family issues

Online Community

We provide a space where parents can connect to vent and get problems solved

Our expertise

Teaching parents how to teach their own daughters essential life skills to achieve successful futures, using Ruth’s Way’s highly successful and unique teaching style of interactive conversations.

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